Reaching People for Jesus in Practical Ways

Housing Authority Bags

We all know that "the system" is a broken system. Once a month, we hand out paper bags to our church members (along with a pre-approved list of items) that is brought back 2 weeks later. This bag is later brought to the residents of the Housing Authority, who are often on social security, and do not have much at the end of the month. This small bag provides them with more than enough groceries to make it to their next paycheck, it gives them hope.

Helping Hands

Providing meals and comfort for those in times of crisis.  

Angels of Worship

We meet every Sunday at 9:15 in the Ministry Room. Our leaders Mrs. Linda Bracken and Mrs. Ruth Taylor, use their knowledge of sign language, 

and passes it on to the next generation. God has placed a passion inside these ladies hearts, and it's easy to see when these kids hit the stage.

Using their new found knowledge, they use sign language as an art put to worship songs. It's an amazing experience to watch God move when this group performs for God.