Welcome to Christway Church!

Welcome to Christway Church! We are excited that you have chosen to visit us and we look forward to meeting you in person! Christway Church is a non-denominational Christian Church that believes in the Word of God as infallible. At CWC we hold Spirit filled Wednesday and Sunday services, multiple small fellowship groups, numerous ministries to serve in, community outreaches, and an environment that is designed to lift one another up and promote spiritual growth. 

Who we are

Our vision, our mission

The Vision of Christway Church is to Reach people for Jesus in practical ways. The Mission of Christway Church is to Follow the example set for us by Jesus as we willingly and joyfully tend to the needs of those in our community.

We accomplish this mission through common sense and biblical means: worship services, relevant ministries, fellowship groups, meaningful relationships, life-altering outreaches, and striving to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis.

What to expect

If you are interested in visiting Christway Church for the first time, we want you to know that we are looking forward to meeting you! 

CWC is composed of everyday people varying in all ages and walks of life. Whether in the parking lot, coffee bar, or checking your children into any of the child services offered, you will be welcomed by all. Please know that you can come as you are.

During our services you will experience genuine worship and praise, a message brought from the Word of God, and an overall Holy Spirit led service.

What We are about

At Christway Church we are For Faith and For Family.

At CWC, we are for the steady growth of your faith and for the steady growth in faith as a collective body of Christ.

At CWC, we are for and encourage your individual family to be a priority ministry. We are for a loving church family to be there for each other so no one has to go through life's challenges and victories alone.